Prize Flights – Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions below are taken from our standard declaration which you will have to sign prior to your flight. A sample declaration can be found here.

GliderFX often flies members of the press and the public. Prizes are offered for a trial lesson voucher with gliderFX. In this document, prize winners, the Press, other glider pilots and students are referred to as ‘passenger’, but for the avoidance of doubt, everybody who flies with the team will be offered a glider trial lesson. For insurance reasons we cannot offer ‘daredevil rides’.

  • Passengers must not fly under the influence of alcohol or drugs. No alcohol must be consumed before flight – your instructor will refuse to fly with you if they suspect you have been drinking.
  • Passengers under 18 years of age will require written consent of a parent or guardian.
  • Passengers who weigh less than 7 stone or more than 16 stone will not be able to fly.
  • Passengers under 5 ft tall or more than 6ft 1ins will have difficulty fitting into the glider cockpit and may not be able to fly.
  • Due to the nature of the prize the passenger must be in good health.

The passenger has full responsibility for declaring past and existing ailments (including but not limited to diabetes, psychological disabilities, epilepsy, heart condition, bronchitis, asthma, sinus disease, ear disease, defective vision, migraine, diabetes of any form, kidney stones, psychiatric disorders, severe motion or travel sickness, any condition requiring treatment with drugs of any kind.

Minor illnesses, drugs and the donation of blood may make you temporarily unfit to fly.

Sufferers from any of the above are advised to obtain medical opinion before flight.

All passengers will be required to sign a declaration of good health. The promoter(s) and gliderFX reserve the right to choose alternative passenger(s) if any of the above conditions are not satisfied. Prize flights and flying days organised by promoters will be pre-notified. Trial lesson flights will be flown according to the promoters schedule where possible. If this is not possible, the promoter and gliderFX will pick a date and venue for the winner to fly.

All flights are subject to weather on the day. The promoter and gliderFX reserve the right to change the day and flight venue at any time. The promoter and gliderFX reserve the right to substitute the prize flight for an equivalent. Prize flights are a non-cash prize and cash alternatives will not be offered.

It is the passenger’s responsibility to arrange and pay for travel to and from the pre-planned flight venue or alternative venue.

Passengers must be over 12 years of age on or before the Flight date. Proof of age may be required. Any winners under 17 years of age must be accompanied to the prize day by an adult responsible for them.

Prize winners and passengers agree to their name, photograph and home town being published on the promoter’s and gliderFX websites.

Prize winners and passengers agree that promoter(s) and gliderFX have the right to use any photographs, videos or films of the prize day and/or notification in any medium and in any reasonable manner for any purpose as they may see fit.

Prize winners and passengers agree to their flight event being photographed, videoed, filmed or otherwise recorded and that record or image being broadcast, repeated and otherwise used for any reason by the promoter without being entitled to any payment for such use.