The Aircraft

All of our aircraft are unique in their own way. The gliders are the very best aerobatic machines in the world used by all the top pilots in aerobatic competition. Our trusty Piper Pawnee tow-plane is the only one of it’s kind fitted with a smoke system and adapted to tow banners.

MDM-1 Fox

MDM-1 Fox

MDM-1 Fox

The MDM-1 Fox is the two-seat big sister of the S-1 Swift. Like the earlier S-1 Swift, it’s construction is largely composite keeping the weight down while retaining unparalleled strength. The design work on the Fox design was started in November 1992 and the first prototype was flown on 9th July 1993. The Fox made it’s debut at the 1993 Glider Aerobatic Championships at Venlo, Netherlands, where Jerzy Makula took Gold flying the prototype. The strength of the design is the second seat, so it is perfect for training and sharing the thrill of glider aerobatics and flying displays. The team’s aircraft, G-IIFX, was imported into the UK by Guy Westgate in 2011 having been the German agents demonstrator (D-4034) and then based in Switzerland with SkyAdventure. (HB-3298)

  • Wingspan – 14m
  • Manoeuvre Limits +9/-6 g
  • VNE – 151 kts
  • Roll rate – 70 deg/sec

S-1 Swift

S-1 Swift

Swift S-1

Only 35 Swift gliders were produced in Poland between 1992 and 1997 and they remain the strongest, most aerobatic glider ever built, with an unparalleled roll rate and immensely strong but slender composite wings. The prototype Swift first flew in August 1991 and has dominated competition aerobatics ever since. The Swift is capable of rolls, flick rolls, loops, outside loops, tailslides and tumbles.

  • Wingspan – 12.67m
  • Manoeuvre Limits – +10/-7.5 g
  • VNE – 155 Kts
  • Roll rate – 80 deg/sec

Piper PA25 Pawnee - Imahe by Martin Eames

Piper PA25 Pawnee – Image by Martin Eames

Piper PA25 Pawnee

The Piper PA-25 was designed to be a rugged and easy to maintain agricultural aircraft. When combined with the powerful Lycoming O-540 engine the aircraft has proved to be a useful glider tugging aircraft and is in use around the world. Pawnee G-BDPJ was part of the Royal Air Force Gliding and Soaring Association’s fleet based at RAF Halton. It is unique amongst Pawnees in the UK as it’s fitted with an engine exhaust smoke system for flying displays.

  • Wingspan – 11.02m
  • Power – 250hp
  • VNE – 135kts