What makes a glider display different is the simple fact that it has no engine. This is both the display’s strength and weakness. The glider must be towed into the air with a towplane and this provides us with an opportunity to defy convention and add a unique element to the display – the display aerotow.

We developed the aerotow presentation 11 years ago with our signature manoeuvre, the ‘roll on tow’, with the glider rolling and flying upside down during the aerotow.

The glider display then starts from 3-4,000ft or lower if we have cloud, airspace or time constraints. We use orange wingtip smoke to trace the flight path of the glider. The pilotÂ’s skill is in using the glider’s energy efficiently, trading height for speed preluding each aerobatic stunt. With smoke the pilot becomes an artist, drawing graceful patterns – interspersing the flowing lines with contorted aerobatic twists and turns.

Our S-1 Swift and MDM-1 Fox gliders are capable of ‘unlimited’ aerobatics, and dramatic manoeuvres to watch out for include rolls, loops, tailslides, flick rolls and dynamic tumbles.