The team’s pilots have wide experience of competition aerobatics and display flying with both gliders and powered aircraft. We have displayed at major events across the UK, Europe and the Middle East.

Guy Westgate

Guy Westgate

Team Leader and Glider pilot and occasional tug pilot.

8 times National Glider Aerobatic Champion at Unlimited level and on the British team for 3 World Aerobatic Championships.

Guy has been flying aerobatics since 1993 and displaying gliders since 1998, he has 2 World Records tandem paragliding with his brother, is an advanced aerobatic instructor and CAA Display Evaluator. Guy is an airline pilot and flies Boeing 787 Dreamliners for British Airways from Heathrow.

Guy has pioneered many of the display techniques used by GliderFX, including the roll-on-tow, LED and pyro shows and incorporating a skydiver into the glider display.

Most memorable flights? The first glider pyro display in the Swift G-IIZI at Odyssey in 2010 and a close formation flight with 3 skydivers with wingsuits 10,000ft over the Palm Jamera in Dubai in 2016

Ian Gallacher

Ian Gallacher

After retiring from the Royal Air Force as Chief Flying Instructor of the RAFGSA Chilterns Gliding Centre in 2009, ‘Gally’ is now working at RAF Cosford delivering training within the fields of Human factors and safety Management Systems to Service personnel of all ranks.

Ian has previously flown the solo displays for the RAFGSA’s Team Condor and also won the 2008 Dan Smith Aerobatics Trophy.

Ian flies both the PA25 Pawnee tug and the aerobatic gliders for the team.

In his spare time Gally flies his Christen Eagle aerobatic biplane, rebuilding a Baby Lakes and CFI of The Wrekin Gliding Club.

Paul Holdnall

Paul Holdnall

Tug Manager, Tug pilot and glider inspector at the The Wrekin Gliding Club based  RAF Cosford.

Paul joined the team in 2011 as a tug pilot and flies the PA25 Pawnee.

Paul started flying hang gliders back in the 1990`s then progressed on to conventional gliders moving on to Motor gliders and then light aircraft eventually becoming a tug pilot.

In his spare time for fun he flies a Baby Lakes Biplane and is also rebuilding another with team member Gally.

Rob Barsby

Rob started flying in 1983 at the age of 17 before driving and soon advanced up the ranks, becoming an instructor in the late 90’s and became CFI of one off the biggest gliding clubs in UK, the Gliding Center at Husbands Bosworth in 2013. Rob also works on a number of national projects related to inspiring youth and others into aviation.

Rob joined the team in 2015 as a tug pilot and flies the PA25 Pawnee but in his spare time also fly’s gliders, chipmunks, motor gliders and his own Robin DR400 around UK and Europe

Rob is now training to fly the aerobatic gliders of the team.

Most memorable flights?  Towing the GliderFX Fox over the Palm Jumeirah in Dubai