The last day of Parham’s December aerobatics course was another cloudless day, but gusty westerly winds limited the flying and training conditions below 1500ft were difficult with some turbulence.

Charles Donnelly joined the ranks of students to experience the MDM-1 Fox and our Roll-on-Tow demonstration, along with Tug pilot Dan Welch, Rob Milican, Ian Simms, Andy wood, DCFI Paul Marriot and Navy pilot Danielle Hancock the previous weekend. Meanwhile Daniel Laviada, Bob Fleuret and Ric Foreshaw all progressed well with rolling the Fox with great finesse.

The 4 days of winter training at Southdown Gliding Club totalled 28 aerotow flights in near perfect conditions for aerobatics, with a combined height gain of over 24 miles – taking over 5 hours of time behind the tug!

Particular thanks must therefore go to the club tug pilots, Will Greenwood, Tim Brewer, Bob Fleuret, Dan Welsh and Jerry Mills.

As with many clubs, the training gliders available at Parham are the ubiquitous ASK21 (and DG500), so whilst the MDM-1 Fox provides a fast-track into the exciting world of advanced manoeuvres and airshow stunts, its back to basics now for the new aerobatic students to progress with ‘sports’ class figures in the club’s own training fleet.