The last week in June brought a Spanish Plume of hot air up from the Continent and some of the hottest temperatures in the Midlands since 2006. As the mercury hit 30C, Baxterley, like many other venues across southern England was having a party.

The GliderFX team converged on the farm strip with new ferry pilot Paul Haldnall towing Ian Gallacher in the Fox. The airfield is not large, and it seemed every square inch was packed with either planes or people.

Paul Moslin opened the ‘Wings and Wheels’ airshow with a banner “WELCOME TO BAXTERLEY AIRSHOW 2011” and towed Ian in the Fox later in the day for the GliderFX Display.
Other highlights of the day included the Tiger Moth Diamond Seven and Helen Tempest wingwalking in a Union Jack leotard.

Thanks must go to Ken Broomfield for organizing the event and to Paul Johnson for ferrying the banner and smoke oil for us.