Windlesham House School staged ‘Elements’ in 2007, the most advanced show ever staged by a school in the UK. They went one better this year with a weekend festival spectacular branded ‘Odyssey 2010’  on July 3rd. The creative genius behind the Odyssey Journey is the School’s music director, Anthony Hutchings (Hutch) who involved not only the entire school, but also many of his former students and high flyers from the worlds of performing arts, multi-media entertainment and aviation to make it a show to remember!


The concerts featured TV celebrities, astronauts sending messages from the International Space Station, firework displays, spectacular laser light shows, air displays and hundreds of children, rock bands and the Bootleg Beatles headlining Sunday’s grand finale.

Our Saturday glider display was a new venture; with wingtip sparklers replacing the usual orange smoke and choreographed to illuminate the evening horizon behind the giant rock stage. The flight was planned to finish at the end of civil twilight, the latest time permitted for a glider to land in UK, at Sunset + 30mins.


Other highlights of the daytime airshows were Al Kay in the OFMC Mustang, the new Redhawk Duo pairing of Bob Grimstead and Matt Hill’s RF4s. Last but not least the Vulcan also displayed.

Thanks must go first to Southdown Gliding Club and its members for sanctioning an aerotow long after their normal evening curfew and to Flying Display Director Phill O’Dell who was only just overshadowed by Hutch for is raw enthusiasm and infectious energy. Finally to Jim Pearce for use of his airstrip.

All proceeds for the weekend go to the children’s medical research charity, Sparks.

Pictures by Guy Westgate, Jane Denman and Judi Hutchings