The Heart of Scotland Airshow held at Perth commemorated the 100 yrs anniversary of the first Scottish International Flight Meeting. The Red Arrows cancelled their participation after a training accident earlier in the year, and whilst Punchestown in Ireland cancelled their centenary celebrations, Gill Howie and her team soldiered on to organise a varied flying program with a good mix of RAF aircraft, vintage, home grown and display acts imported from across the boarder including the Brietling Wing Walkers and the Vacher Hurricane.

Paul Moslin was the tug driver for the weekend, Peter Wells and Guy Westgate ferried the Twister Duo north, leaving Mike Newman and Paul Johnson to drive the glider through the hours of jams and delays on the M6.

The flying started early at 11:00 with a 90 min lunch gap to allow pleasure flying from the airfield. Saturday’s display enjoyed almost perfect flying conditions – sunshine and bubbly cumulous giving the photographers some great backdrops.

An occluded weather front stubbornly hung along the spine of the Country on Sunday, delaying the start of flying with very low cloud and frequent showers. The Twister Duo kicked off proceedings with a flat display leaving Mike to complete the Swift display as cloudbase rose to the dizzy heights of 800ft. The front delayed many of the participants journeys home.

Thanks have to go to Gill Howie for the invitations. Fingers crossed for another show next year!