Swift Team have featured in two issues of ¬†Flyer Magazine in 2010. In the February edition, Paul Johnson’s shot of the MDM-1 Fox Glider performing at the Biggin Hill International Air Fair was posted in the “Opening Shot” feature. Click on the left hand magazine cover to see the photo spread.

In the March issue, airshow legend Brian Lecomber wrote an article about his experience of Glider Aerobatics called “Inventing the sideways knife-edge tailslide.” Brian was the leader of Firebird Aerobatics which brought the airshow circuit the Crusaders Display, the MG Rover Duo and the Microlease Duo display teams.

The article is a fascinating read on the differences between the art of aerobatics in powered aircraft and gliders and is accompanied by more photography from Paul Johnson. You can view the article by clicking on the right hand magazine cover.