Unique Glider Aerobatics Displays

What makes a glider display different is the simple fact that it has no engine. This is both the display’s strength and weakness. The glider must be towed into the air with a towplane and this provides us with an opportunity to defy convention and add a unique element...
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Twilight Pyrotechnic Air Displays

We have worked closely with the manufacturers of special effect pyrotechnics to develop unique wingtip pyrotechnics ideally suited to dusk and early evening flying displays. We debuted the...
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Paramotor Displays

The latest addition to the team is an extraordinary pilot, Michel Carnet. Michel was one of the pioneers of paragliding when it first blossomed as an adventure sport in the late 80's, and went on to develop powered paragliding (PPG), also called paramotor flying. He...
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Glider Experience Flights

gliderFX pilots are highly experienced instructors. We can add value to our appearance by flying your guests, your clients or the Press in our two seat MDM-1 Fox Glider or other training gliders as part of a trial lesson. We are also happy to take part in pre-event...
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Banner Towing for Air Displays

Our powerful aerotowing aircraft don't just tow gliders, they can also tow banners. You, or your event sponsors can use our aircraft to send a special message to the show spectators before or after your flying display. [gallery link="file" columns="4"...
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Team Pilots

The team's pilots have wide experience of competition aerobatics and display flying with both gliders and powered aircraft. We have displayed at major events across the UK, Europe and the Middle East. Guy Westgate Team Leader and Glider pilot and occasional tug pilot....
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Welcome to the online home of gliderFX. We are offer stunning and unique aerobatic displays in the world’s most exciting aerobatic gliders aided by wingtip smoke and pyrotechinics. Our breathtaking displays are suitable for events of all types ranging from birthday parties and weddings to major sporting events and airshows. No venue is too small and we can fill the sky with action at the biggest event too.

Our Team’s pilots have a wealth of experience from both air displays and aerobatic competitions and our displays have been seen in the UK, Europe and Middle East. Our pilots have taken top honours in national aerobatic competitions and have also competed at European and World levels. In 2010, our displays were witnessed by over 3.5 million people at venues in the UK and across Europe. The team have also featured in the National Press and on International television broadcasts as well as displaying further afield in the Middle East.

Have you seen our displays? Is there something you particularly liked or something you would like to see? We would love to hear from you so please leave a message on our Team Facebook Page